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ARIES: Your passion for items of substance can be satisfied by a job that rewards your efforts with added bonuses. Your fuse could be shorter than usual so you may be tempted to lash out at someone who is abrasive or rude.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Don’t allow transitory passions to blind you to your long-term allegiances. Existing relationships may seem dull or tiresome when you are engrossed in an exciting project. There could be some finger-pointing and criticism to manage.

GEMINI: Stick to what you know. You can discover ingenious ways to avoid discord and sidestep unpleasant scenes. You may yearn to hang out with fun and interesting acquaintances for a few hours to escape the ordinary and banal.

CANCER: Avoid potential squabbles and feuds. If there is a heated argument, it might not be possible to turn on a fan and blow all smoke away. Focus your energy on improving your finances and put romance on the back-burner.

LEO: Restrain the urge to take drastic actions; never solve a short-term problem by creating a long-term problem. Exploring the unknown could put you in conflict with something or someone bigger than yourself.

VIRGO: Dig up as many facts as possible. Increasing your knowledge can help you achieve your goals. You and a partner could be at odds over a simple issue that needs a practical solution; try viewing it from a systems perspective.

LIBRA: It is in your best interests to make the best of a tough situation. Let someone enjoy additional freedoms without jeopardizing your mutual trust. Try not to make promises; it can be too easy to squabble about the terms later.

SCORPIO: Steer clear of misunderstandings and follow the rules that are set down. Errors of judgment and mistakes may come back to haunt you. Your patience could be tested by complicated family or group dynamics.

SAGITTARIUS: If it could break, fix it. This is not the time to ignore anything broken or just not operating effectively. Invest in maintenance now to avoid future breakdowns at the most inopportune moments.

CAPRICORN: Bad news travels fast, but inaccuracies travel faster. Try not to take gossip or propaganda too seriously. People can be impressed by your industry but may be even more impressed by your persistence in the face of opposition.

AQUARIUS: Avoid quarrels and hostilities that put you in a precarious position if you can. This is a poor time to buy something on credit or take on extra financial responsibilities. That should not prevent you from buying a thoughtful gift.

PISCES: Pressing responsibilities should be your top priority. You risk censure and disapproval if you cannot meet your important obligations. Sometimes all you need is some extra time or peace and quiet to finish a task.

IF MAY 19 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You can get a lot of things rolling towards a successful conclusion as the next five to six weeks unfold. In the first half of June, your genuine friendliness attracts helpful contacts, and your shrewd business sense can add dollars and cents to your bank account. Embrace any offers or opportunities that come your way in late June, when your luck and judgment are better than usual. This is the best time to launch your plans or ask for advice. August, when your ambitions take center stage, is a favorable time to put business ideas into motion, to start something you will stick with, or to make crucial decisions that affect your finances. The first half of September is an inspiring time when you can enjoy a fantasy vacation or romantic experience.

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