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ARIES: Community events and attending group activities could be high on your list of priorities now through the weekend. You may have an opportunity to make new contacts and widen your sphere of influence through friends.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your interests and plans can shift swiftly. Any passing suggestion could launch you in  a new direction. A family drama might interrupt your plans, or a home-based project may become the center of social activities.

GEMINI: You are down to earth and practical enough to weather any passing emotional storm. Someone might mistake your simple kindness for a flirtatious overture. You could get ahead without relying upon other people’s help or advice.

CANCER: You may be indecisive about a purchase and could often feel like you straddle a fault line when money or possessions are involved. It may be difficult to gather enough traction to get a new project off the ground.

LEO: It can be upsetting if someone arbitrarily changes the terms of an existing agreement without notice. If you look closer, however, you might learn that there are advantages to the alterations, making it a win-win situation.

VIRGO: You could be able to make the grade and win someone’s allegiance because you are a straight shooter. Be practical and astute without taking advantage of anyone’s weakness. Try to avoid making big financial purchases for now.

LIBRA: Playful teasing can be fun in small doses. It might be easy to pique someone’s interest but more difficult to turn it off if a flirtation threatens to go too far. Try not to take someone’s impromptu comments too seriously.

SCORPIO: Enthusiasm may come and go. You have plenty of energy but might prefer to have someone else by your side to sustain your interest. This is not the time to start new projects unless you are prepared to finish them.

SAGITTARIUS: You can fit in well when there is a group gathering thanks to your warm and friendly nature. Your well-intentioned willingness to try the latest techniques, however, may spark a controversy at your workplace.

CAPRICORN: Spend more time with the people you love and trust or you could risk being swept away on a wild goose chase. It may be wise to put outspoken opinions and the launching of new projects on the back-burner for now.

AQUARIUS: Unique people with interesting ideas and unusual backgrounds could briefly pass through your life. When you are attracted to someone new, remember that some people can disappear as quickly as they appeared.

PISCES: If you remain in your comfort zone, there can be no reason to complain or explain. You could be congratulated for a job well done or receive a surprising invitation from a coworker. Focus on an impending family outing.

IF APRIL 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your dreams and innermost wishes might provide the motivation to reach for the stars during the coming two to three weeks. In the second half of May, you could be given the opportunity to make some of your dreams a reality, through a friend or a referral. Since your judgment is better than usual, this is a suitable time to create long range plans that will help you realize your ambitions. Enjoy a vacation or a romantic getaway in late June when you can forget about business and relax. During August and September, you might be easily distracted by a dream, so it is a time when you should keep a close eye on due dates and your obligations, so you do not end up letting something slip through the cracks.

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