Shades of green: Artist Fouad Mimi depicts stories of growth

(Photos: Efrend Majdoubeh/JNews)
Fouad Mimi, whose artwork attracts significant attention among art lovers in Jordan and beyond, incorporates two common threads throughout his diverse paintings. Whether depicting an open field, a pot with plants, or the portrait of a bedouin, Mimi’s art is influenced by his Jordanian cultural background.اضافة اعلان

Mixing the abstract with the figurative, Mimi could be identified as a structuralist and post-structuralist, creating a balance appreciated by enthusiasts.

When seeing Mimi’s works, which I was privileged to see at his place, the first color to stand out is green, from the trees at the entrance to his paintings. Beyond Middle Eastern aesthetics, green is another thread connecting Mimi’s paintings, symbolizing harmony, balance, and growth. He makes ample use of green, often in unexpected contexts.

His works, with their shades of green, displayed around the house, convey, like the artist himself, a warm and welcoming feeling.

One piece that stood out, though simple in concept, was a singular pot filled with vibrant flowers. The attention to detail and awareness of the colors reflected pureness and felt complex in meanings and visual layers.

In one of the rooms was an unfinished painting: A field of green grass, some birds, and an isolated house. Although it seemed already complete, Mimi emphasized that it was not, and it would be, once inspiration kicks in.
His works, with their shades of green, displayed around the house, convey, like the artist himself, a warm and welcoming feeling.
Its incompleteness, the openness portrayed, suggested the unfathomable possibilities when creating art. While an impressionist should abide by a structure, a post-structuralist can defy norms and create something unusual and unconventional; Mimi leaves many possibilities on the table with his painting.

But he leaves nothing to chance. If a work does not satisfy him, he will definitely not exhibit it.

“Fuad Mimi’s intrinsic skill as a pure colorist never fails to innovate. He is capable of identifying the format that best expresses his thoughts, always seeking to give the language of art, in terms of form, color, and space, an independent personal presence,” one critic said of Mimi’s work on

This prominent Jordanian artist had his works displayed in the US, UK, Italy, France, and Canada. He holds an advanced fine arts degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London.

He is also an award-winning television producer and director.

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