Self-taught entrepreneur meets King, Queen

(Photo: Dania Crochet’s Facebook page)
AMMAN — Dania Ahmad, a young entrepreneur, had the opportunity to meet the Royal family this week, thanks to her keen business sense and creativity.

Dania, who fabricates dolls, puppets, furniture for children’s rooms, and crocheted accessories, started her business on her own without any support or help. “When I started building my dream business I faced many difficulties but I completely relied on myself with every single detail,” the 35-year-old entrepreneur, who lives in Al-Nakhil, said in an interview with Jordan News. “I learned the manufacturing process by myself just by watching videos on the internet.”

She pursued her dream with seriousness and determination until she was able to achieve her goal. She declared that she will not stop here and will work even harder to achieve new and greater successes.

Her hard work led Dania to meet Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania as part of a visit to the owners of small businesses. “Seeing His Majesty King Abdullah gave me a strong impetus to continue and develop my career with the project,” she said. “His visit makes me feel certain that our country is supporting us.”

Dania said that meeting the Royal family gave her “great hope” and “greater determination” for the success of her business. She emphasized the importance of His Majesty’s support for the youth and their projects.

All of the young Jordanians at the visit had previously received training through the Productive Youth Initiative, launched by the Royal Court in 2019. The youths’ art and handicrafts products will also be on exhibition at Dar Nemeh in Amman’s Jabal Luweibdeh neighborhood.

A training course was given during the King’s visit, according to Dania, which will help her achieve her goals and ambitions for her project. She learned new e-marketing methods and social media skills, which could enable her to deliver her products internationally, not only locally. She also learned how to appropriately price her commodities by focusing on the cost of the tools used and the amount of time and effort expended. Finally, she learned how to develop her products and choose new concepts to feature.

Dania said that in order to do her part to reduce unemployment, she gave training courses to refugee women in order to teach them how to manufacture dolls and puppets, furniture for children’s rooms, and crochet accessories. She hopes to help them find an entrance to livelihood. Dania also said that she aspires to expand the project so that she can appoint more people to work with her and help her.

During the visit, the King complimented the entrepreneurial spirit of young Jordanians and stressed the importance of small and home-based businesses.

“I am so thankful that my dream is coming true, and I‘m achieving my goals,” she told Jordan News.
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