Resin art gains popularity in Jordan

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A collection of work by Rita Sawalha. (Photo: Handout from Rita Sawalha)
AMMAN — Resin art is quickly becoming one of the most popular online businesses among women in Jordan. اضافة اعلان

A fusible, flammable, and transparent substance, resin requires the necessary safety precautions, and has evolved into a major trend. 

Mira Joseph Shnoudi, interior designer and cofounder of Naqaa, in an interview with Jordan News said: “I majored in interior design, and as a profession, it required me to select and coordinate accent pieces and accessories into designing any space, and I felt limited with the options I had.

This inspired me to branch out and kick start my work with resin, where I had an opportunity to create art, and correlate it with my interior decorating.” 

“My partner and college peer, Laial Esaifan and I founded Naqaa, an Instagram business profile that currently has a social media following of 19,800, and began to share our resin artwork pieces with the world,” she added. 

A collection of work by Rita Sawalha. (Photo: Handout from Rita Sawalha)

Rita Sawalha also picked up resin art and began promoting her pieces on social media. “I always found resin artwork to be compelling and enjoyed including it into my home décor. … With a little research and assistance from a few resin artists, I initiated my Instagram business account, Resin by Rita, currently with a following of 1,800.” 

“I experienced some difficulty with the substance, as I needed epoxy resin and hardener to pour resin, and it is a toxic material requiring safety gear and the appropriate space of work, which is my current obstacle,” added Sawalha.  

A photo collection of work by Mira Joseph Shnoudi and Laial Esaifan. (Photos: Handouts from Naqqa)

Laial Esaifan, the other cofounder of Naqaa and an interior designer, told Jordan News: “Before my journey began with Naqaa, as an interior designer, I worked with Interior Design Studios (IDS), along with my colleague, Mira. Founding Naqaa combined my love for interior design and art.” 

“As a student, I was required to use Autodesk 3ds Max, a 3D computer graphics program. However, and in contrast with the majority of my peers, I preferred implementing manual work, and used watercolor and acrylic paint to form my projects. This opened my eyes to resin, and inspired me to implement it with my initial profession,” said Esaifan. 

Prior to starting her project with resin, Shnoudi initially used acrylic, and also formed a statement art piece using mixed mediums consisting of acrylic, metal, bronze, and cloth. 

A photo collection of work by Mira Joseph Shnoudi and Laial Esaifan. (Photos: Handouts from Naqqa)

“At times, a blank canvas may be very intimidating, however, I often get my inspiration from natural elements such as the ocean, landscape and plants, and the sky; I also initiate art pieces based off of tourist sites in Jordan, and include elements of the earth, such as sand, and rock,” added Shnoudi. 

Shnoudi and Esaifan also created resin art pieces and uploaded them to their page, which they use to take requests from customers. They also customize pieces based on their customers’ preferences with the design and color palette, and they coordinate these pieces with the client’s living space. 

“Some of the surfaces for our resin we use include wood, acrylic surfaces, glass, metal, processed tree trunks, tabletops, and we incorporate elements such as glass, crystals, gold leaf paper, cloth, pebbles, and glitter onto our resin pieces,” Shnoudi said. 

Esaifan said that some of their most requested pieces are clocks with elements from nature. 

A photo collection of work by Mira Joseph Shnoudi and Laial Esaifan. (Photos: Handouts from Naqqa)

The pair noticed a decrease in demand during the pandemic for acrylic portraits, and decided to shift their aim slightly towards accessories, and as of recently are back into their initial business. 

“For the future, my partner and I aim to build upon and expand our brand and dedicate it solely towards creating statement pieces which we will be incorporating into our interior design,” said Shnoudi. 

Shnoudi and Esaifan also dedicate a certain percentage of their profit to persons with disabilities to fund their healthcare. They also give resin classes to some students with disabilities. 

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