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Raneem Koubaitary, founder and art director of Qubatrus Art Studio, has merged her passion for interior design and paper art to create sculptures, spaces, and other various products. (Photos: Handouts
Raneem Koubaitary, founder and art director of Qubatrus Art Studio, has merged her passion for interior design and paper art to create sculptures, spaces, and other various products. (Photos: Handouts from Raneem Koubaitary)
AMMAN – “I was working as an interior designer in hospitals and origami paper art was a way to escape after I suffered from depression.” Raneem Koubaitary, Founder and Art Director, at Qubatrus Art Studio, said in an interview with Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Origami is derived from the Japanese words “ori”, which means folding, and “kami”, which means paper. The term "origami" is used to refer to all folding techniques, regardless of the culture of origin. The goal is to use folding and sculpting techniques to turn a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture.

According to the designer, she began practicing paper folding full-time in 2016, combining her interior design background with her love of origami and paper arts, Moreover, Koubaitary founded Qubatrus Art Studio in Amman in 2016, and she merged her passion for origami and paper arts in order to create designs. She mentioned how the Qubatrus team creates various types of paper arts, “We create and build spaces utilizing traditional techniques combined with cutting-edge technology. Every piece is handcrafted, and we employ paper and cardboard in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles,” Koubaitary added.

Qubatrus Art Studio was a part of Amman Fashion Week by designing and hand-making of the VIP invitees. “This installation was 100% original and 100% handmade for The Jordan Fashion week VIP invitees.”

“We develop precision-molded patterns with a significant element of hand-craftsmanship that is visually unique. This enables us to construct and customize the environment, appealing and inspiring people through paper arts.”

The art director told Jordan News that Qubatrus Art Studio produces everything from paper-based gifts and set design, window displays, backdrops and installations, lighting units, and decorative items, inspired by geometric, origami, and different paper arts. Koubaitary is a socially conscious designer, believes that art and design can be a motivator, and she infuses her art studio’s culture with that philosophy. “Qubatrus is an art studio and workspace,” she said.

“The team and I discuss with clients and come up with and concepts for the project, send them samples of the paper to choose what is suitable for the design, and then we start working.” Koubaitary discussed the process of work.

The owner sources partially recycled paper from other eco-friendly firms, helping like-minded entrepreneurs, with a focus on sustainability. Her definition of sustainability, though, isn't restricted to natural resources. “We try as much as possible that any design for any event to use materials that can be used again,” she said. “We can rearrange an old design in order to create a new one. Moreover, we count how much paper and materials we have used in each project, to find out how much we used paper from trees and accordingly a price that will be donated to plant a tree instead of the papers that were consumed.”

Koubaitary added that internationally most people are using paper art in their installation and visual designs, but locally the culture of paper art is unpopular: “this art is old, and paper art is used for decorations in an eco-friendly way.” 

“The COVID-19 pandemic affected our work,” Koubaitary added. “We will focus on eco-friendly products, most of them are home accessories.” Qubatrus Art Studio offers eco-friendly and handmade products for decorations and accessories such as origami sculptures.

Among the products are the jars which make an eco-friendly gift, created from 60 hand folded origami stars, and containing different quotes about happiness and motivation. Koubaitary said, “I faced anxiety, and I invented the idea of jars for myself, and then the concept has developed into a product. The jars have more than one type of it such as fun facts, note to self, happy, and motivational jars.”

Another product is kusudama flowers, which is a one-of-a-kind lighting piece with handcrafted flowers fashioned from papers on a wooden base with a glass cover. The piece can be used as a centerpiece on a table, in the home, at work, at weddings, and for other occasions.

It's worth mentioning that Qubatrus is one of the many designers that are supported by Zain Jordan through “Dezain space” which was launched in 2018 to support the continual growth of the designing sector across the kingdom, and to shed light on Jordanian creative designs, in addition to providing the opportunity for the Jordanian designers to reach the markets, connecting them with other designers to collaborate with each other, mentoring them and empower them to expand their business and grow.

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