Creating joy with sand

(Photo: Abdullah Zallum)
AMMAN — Twenty-one-year-old Abdullah Zallum has been perfecting the craft of sand art for almost 10 years. 

When he was 12, Zallum learned how to create designs with sand from his father.  In an interview with Jordan News, he said that his craft provides a basic income for his family that they can financially rely on.  اضافة اعلان

“I am always trying to grab the attention of people by creating new designs with sand,” Abdullah said. 

He added that he tries to avoid relying on traditional ideas, and instead, innovates with new designs. He makes special birthday gifts, decorations, national flags, and slogans all designed with sand. In addition, he said that he tries to make unforgettable souvenirs for tourists that depict ancient Jordanian monuments. 

“Advertising your products in any business is the most important thing,” Abdullah said. He has ambitious dreams for his professional life. Abdullah said that he spends all his time at work, paying attention to the marketing of his art on social media sites. 

Abdullah creates his own promotions for his work, some of which, he said, have led to requests from people in other countries. Now he works not only locally but also internationally and sends items to people from all around the world. 

He and his father used to own a shop in downtown Amman, but due to financial circumstances they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, they left the shop and now work as vendors.

 Abdullah described himself as “blessed” by his work, adding that even if he has the chance to continue his education, sand art will always remain his career of choice. “I will never give up on this profession regardless of the surrounding circumstances,” said Abdullah.

He added that he and his family are trying to migrate. If they move, he will open the same business there and keep working with sand.