Red Bull Soapbox Thrilled Jordanians in Amman

After 39 teams competed in a race of speed, daring, and fun

Red Bull Soapbox Thrilled Jordanians in Amman
(Photos: Red bull Jordan)
AMMAN — With more than 10,000 people watching, the Red Bull Soapbox race exceeded expectations, as audiences kept up with the exciting competitions of creative vehicles and unique performances on the take-off platform before each launch.اضافة اعلان

Team Shalati was able to win first place after scoring the highest number of points to take home the championship cup and a trip to watch a Formula 1 race in addition to 500 JDs by Zain Cash! Second place went to Team Abdeen Grand Stores, which put on a show that was also praised by the judges, while the third place went to Team Cars.

The participants stood out by their unique costumes and innovative cars in the strangest race of its kind in the world, which returned to Amman with some of the zaniest vehicle designs, including a shawarma sandwich, a water tank, a spaceship and a king size bed! The non-engine vehicles zoomed down the sloped track, relying exclusively on gravity, while the drivers tried to overcome the track full of curves and artificial barriers as quickly as possible.

39 teams of individuals, companies, and a few social media influencers participated, including Abdallah Tahan, Omar Aburob, Saad Zaghloul, and Maya Abdallah.

The performance of the participating teams was evaluated based on three criteria: speed in crossing the track, presentation on the platform, and soapbox design. The well-known actress Yara Mustafa, Red Bull Athlete Ahmed Daham, and content creators Omar Zorba and Natalia ‘Ajnabeye’ took over the task of judging the 2023 edition. Aya Al Khayat presented the event with Haitham Al Baroudi, who opened the race with a Ro’ya team car, and Dana Tarawneh from Bliss 104.3.

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The Red Bull Soapbox race was held in partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board, Zain, Jeeny, MG Motor Jordan, Al Ahli Bank, G-Shock, Talabat Mart, Ro’ya, Radio Hala, and Bliss 104.3 at Abdoun Corridor, Tawfiq al Tabaa’ street.

About the Red Bull Soapbox Race
Red Bull Soapbox is a global event for speed enthusiasts who stand out by their creativity and competitive spirit, and show no hesitation in the face of audacious feats. The race challenges both experienced and amateur drivers to design their own innovative cars, in which each participating team races against the clock on the sloped track.

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