Ajloun: Jordan’s hidden gem, the oxygen of the Kingdom

Ajloun Jordan’s hidden gem, the oxygen of the Kingdom 00
(Photo: Sarah Shabbar, Jordan News)
AMMAN — Every tourist destination in the Kingdom is known by a unique nickname that describes its scenery:اضافة اعلان
Petra: Red Rose City
Wadi Rum: Extraterrestrial
● The Dead Sea is a place where you can float away
● And adding to this list now is Ajloun, the Oxygen of Jordan

In a recent unveiling of a new tourism initiative, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, along with the Ajloun Governorate, gathered media delegations from across the Kingdom to present Ajloun as one of the upcoming captivating tourist destinations.

35 percent of its total area is covered in dense forestsDescribed as the oxygen of Jordan or the Switzerland of the Kingdom, Ajloun is renowned for its lush green landscapes and rich natural and historical heritage. The region aspires to become a new hotspot for local culture, arts, cuisine, and, of course, nature. Its dense forests, covering 35 percent of its total area, are visible in every direction, including stunning aerial views of the olive trees from the new Ajloun Cable Car. According to the Ministry, the governorate anticipates welcoming approximately 2.2 million visitors, including those seeking environmentally friendly tourism experiences in the Kingdom.

Marketing a record in the governorate’s history
So far, the numbers have already reached half a million visitors, with both tourists and locals exploring the castles, cable car, and Mar Elias, marking a record in the governorate's history. Since His Majesty King Abdullah II declared Ajloun a development and tourist region in late 2009, dedicated efforts have been made to harness its environmental, agricultural, and tourist potential to elevate the living standards of its residents. A comprehensive plan was proposed, resulting in the successful implementation of over 12 tourism projects that have significantly transformed the tourism landscape in the governorate.

The Ajloun Cable CarOne of these projects is the Ajloun Cable Car, which has attracted more than 190,000 visitors since its inception.

These projects encompassed various initiatives, including the development of Ajloun city's cultural center, infrastructure enhancements for Ajloun Castle, and the modernization of the governorate's visitor center – the starting point for all tourist trips to the region. Additionally, services along tourist trails were improved, and new trails were created, making a substantial contribution to the tourism sector.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities also initiated a project to establish a 27-acre park in the Sus Rasun area, generously provided by the Ministry of Agriculture. This initiative was part of a royal effort to create a 200-acre tourist park with the aim of empowering local communities to invest in and operate the park, ultimately boosting the tourism sector in the governorate while reducing random tourism.

Further efforts included upgrading the road to Sus Rasun Park, expanding the historic Mar Elias road, creating new parking facilities, establishing commercial establishments, and enhancing services at various tourism sites. The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, a vital partner, played an active role in supporting decentralized projects within the tourism sector.

Community developmentThe Ministry also placed a strong emphasis on community development within the governorate. It conducted training programs for various tourism professions, thereby creating direct job opportunities for the local community. Since 2017, three such programs have been implemented, alongside tourism awareness initiatives targeting all schools in the governorate, including both academic and vocational institutions.

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