Ajloun trail proposed for ancient Roman olive trees

Olive trees in Ajloun
Olive trees in Ajloun. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A new tourism trail is being proposed in Ajloun, to be dubbed the “Roman Olive Tree Trail”, with the aim of ensuring documentation and protection for the perennial trees, as well as boost tourism in the governorate.اضافة اعلان

Concerned authorities and the governorate and volunteer organizations are planning an Ajloun heritage day in the coming days, organizers told Al-Ghad newspaper, during which the new trail will be launched.

The aim of the new trail is “to put the tree on the tourism map,” according to organizers, as the governorate is home to some of the oldest Roman olive trees in the world.

The organizers confirmed that some Roman olive trees in Ajloun, particularly in the towns of Hashmeyeh, Wahadneh, and others, are over 2,000 years old, as many experts believe that these trees were planted by the Romans themselves.

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