talabat Jordan Wraps Up a Remarkable Year of Corporate Responsibility

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PRESS RELEASE — Reflecting a year of unwavering commitment to social responsibility, talabat Jordan, the leading everyday delivery platform in the region, concludes 2023 on a high note. The company's tireless efforts in corporate responsibility initiatives have not only demonstrated its dedication to social welfare but have also woven a narrative of compassion, resilience, and community spirit.اضافة اعلان

Throughout the year, every initiative seamlessly blended into a story of impact on both internal and external levels, the latter being local, regional, and international.

Delivering on the Company’s Promise
talabat Jordan’s mission is two-folded. It not only strives to make a positive impact on the local community but also prioritizes the well-being and success of its employees and riders. Recognizing that its riders spend most of their day navigating the city, the company wants to ensure they are always safe on the roads. To do this, talabat Jordan has partnered with the Jordan Traffic Institute to conduct training sessions for its riders during Road Safety Week.

Delivering Locally:  The Hero Month!
Jordan is always at the heart of talabat’s social responsibility activities and initiatives prioritizing it to deliver on its social promise toward the whole community. To maximize such efforts, the company has collaborated with the Crown Prince Foundation and Greater Amman Municipality to launch an initiative aimed at promoting a greener Jordan. One of the impactful actions taken under this initiative includes planting trees, symbolizing talabat Jordan's dedication to environmental preservation, and fostering a more sustainable society.

“Happiness is sweeter when shared” and food even more! talabat’s employees are always the frontrunners to serve the community. With this in place, they volunteered with Ezwetti to prepare and give food away to the passers-by.

As the summer approached, talabat Jordan brought joy and excitement to SOS kids at Trax with a lively back-to-school event in August and October. The festivities included dance, telematch games, and delectable treats from talabat's partners, Donuts Factory and Wingmaster burgers. These events set the stage for talabat's commitment to creating memorable experiences while championing social causes.

Over the years, talabat Jordan has taken a commendable initiative in raising health awareness within its organization. For 2023, it collaborated with the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) and organized an impactful breast cancer awareness session, inviting experts to provide valuable insights. To further reinforce the message, female employees       were invited to a heartwarming brunch where they had the privilege of hearing inspiring stories from cancer survivors at Ammani. This event created a unique opportunity for sharing personal experiences and spreading awareness effectively.

Delivering Regionally: Syria, Turkey, and Gaza
In response to the Syria and Turkey Earthquake in February, the company took swift action, making immediate donations to the Ministry of Social Development, extending a lifeline to those in need.

The unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza demanded a continued response. In reaction, talabat Jordan extended the Hero Month Initiative to Hero Quarter, and collaborated with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO), and with Tkiyet Um Ali where employees volunteered to prepare food parcels. This collective effort aimed to provide crucial support to communities in Gaza, embodying the resilience and generosity of talabat's community.

Hind Lahham, talabat Jordan’s Communications, PA, & Sustainability Manager, commented, "Even when faced with challenges, our incredible employees and community have shown remarkable compassion." This sentiment reverberated in a remarkable 1075% surge in in-app donations to Gaza on December 11, underlining the strength and generosity of the talabat community.

To address urgent needs in Gaza, talabat Jordan enabled customers to donate through the Give Back collection on talabat’s application. In collaboration with JHCO, a Give Back collection was established, providing customers an opportunity to contribute food parcels and sanitary packages from tMart. Additionally, talabat generously donated JOD368,000 to the World Food Programme, reinforcing its commitment to supporting the people in Gaza.

Delivering on our Future Corporate Responsibility Promise
Determined to contribute to a sustainable future, talabat Jordan proudly joined the United Nations Global Compact, aligning its values with global efforts towards a brighter tomorrow. This step marked the company's recognition that corporate responsibility transcends borders and requires collective action.

Additionally, talabat Jordan also signed an agreement with the esteemed Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein Club for the Deaf, which marked a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce while fostering the empowerment of hearing-impaired individuals in Jordan. As part of this partnership, talabat Jordan proactively recruited individuals with hearing impairments as freelance riders to deliver delicious meals to customers across the nation. By doing that, talabat Jordan seeks to promote equal opportunities, bridge societal gaps, empower individuals with diverse abilities, enhance their economic independence, and elevate their overall quality of life.

2023: Promise Delivered!
"As we approach the end of 2023, talabat Jordan's dedication to corporate responsibility resonates strongly," Lahham emphasized. "Through nurturing a culture of giving back, our goal is to create a better world—one built on strong community-based values."

This goal could be seen clearly through the facilitation of over JOD 40,000 by talabat during the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. talabat also supplied more than 15,000 meals through in-app donations with the support of its customers.

Numbers were nothing short of impressive with JOD215k total worth of donations in 2023 with 51% increase in donations from the previous year, and more than 550 volunteering hours by the company’s employees.

With the curtains drawn on a remarkable year, talabat Jordan looks forward to the upcoming year, anticipating a continuation of its commitment to making a positive impact and fostering a corporate culture that celebrates compassion, unity, and community service.

2024: More yet to be Delivered
Being a purpose-led company was not a tagline, it was an action plan that already started and paid off greatly. In 2024, there is much more to be delivered when it comes to talabat’s promise to the community, region, and the world.

“What we have achieved during the year 2023 was beyond prideful, this only inspires us to continue in the year 2024 as enthusiastic as we were in 2023 to deliver even more, to inspire more and more”. Lahham concluded.

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