ZainJO reaffirms support for Jordanian gaming sector

(Photo: Zain Jordan)
AMMAN — Director of Corporate Communications, Innovation, and Sustainability at Zain Jordan Tareq Al-Bitar stressed Zain’s continued interest in supporting Jordan’s gaming and e-sports sector, saying that Zain has been committed to supporting the growing sector since 2020, when it inaugurated the gaming center (ZainEsportsJo). اضافة اعلان

Launched to proactively respond to the development of various sectors to meet Jordanian youths’ desires and conform to their interests, the center reflects the rapid technological growth witnessed by the world.

Bitar said that the main reason for inaugurating the gaming center was to support professional gamers and enthusiasts of e-gaming across the Kingdom.

“By contributing to the expansion, growth, and evolution of this sector — which creates a positive impact on economic growth and development — Zain marks itself as the leading mobile telecom operator in Jordan and continues to contribute to giving the Kingdom a competitive presence amongst other countries,” he said.

The gaming and e-sports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries to invest in worldwide; it has also become part of the global economy over the past two years, despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Bitar said, adding that the gaming sector thrived and witnessed a rise in demand.

Electronic games are no longer considered a luxury or a waste of time as they used to be; they have become an investment opportunity and a source of income for professional gamers, developers, or economic sectors that could benefit indirectly from the gaming sector, he added.

Bitar pointed out that the value of the video games market stood at approximately $178.73 billion in 2021, registering a 14.4 percent increase over 2020. It is estimated that the “promising” video game industry is expected to be worth $268 billion by 2025, said Bitar.

In terms of Zain’s contribution to raising awareness on the importance of this sector, Bitar stated that Zain’s innovation campus (ZINC) conducts several game-developments courses and supports entrepreneurs interested in the field of e-sports. He also mentioned Zain’s long-term partnership with Maysalward, a mobile games developer and publisher.

Zain Jordan has held and broadcast many events and tournaments through its e-sports center, watched mostly by professional gamers and popular streamers in the Kingdom. 

Zain also rewarded participants and winners with multiple cash prizes to encourage them to invest in their talents. A PUBG championship was held virtually last Friday with the participation of 16 teams.

Bitar called on youths and those interested in the gaming and e-sports field to hone their skills and stay tuned to (ZainEsportsJo) social media pages for more updates about tournaments and championships. 

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