Orange giglancing program concludes with 1057 participants ready for freelance work

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(Photo: Orange Jordan)
Press Release — The giglancing program, which Orange Jordan recently concluded, has trained 1057 young women and men in skills necessary for freelance work online.اضافة اعلان

The program was launched with Better Business, a Jordanian management consulting firm specializing in capacity building and human capital development, and Khibraty, in cooperation with the Crown Prince Foundation.

Over the period of six months, the program provided a series of training sessions delivered by experts to youth interested and unemployed across Jordan, in order to grow their professional skills to unlock freelance opportunities available online, as a feasible alternative to traditional jobs, to generate income, in turn reducing unemployment rates and contributing to economic growth.

CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny, said: “I am extremely happy with the outcomes of the program and its impact, which indicates the need to find new, alternative jobs and to enhance the skills of jobseekers regardless of their education level, considering the potential of freelance platforms. Around 61% of the program joiners were unemployed and many started to have income from freelance work”.

Orange Jordan launched the giglancing Program within its corporate social responsibility which focuses on empowering youth with the required skills, filling the gap between capacities and the job market, and enhancing inclusion, added Marigny, noting that women made up 62% of the program’s joiners, with some persons with disabilities taking part too, stressing that both are at the core of the company’s social responsibility.

Better Business served more than 570 clients in private and public sectors with its innovative capacity building programs. Better Business is the first company in Jordan to adopt online training and team-building activities during the Covid pandemic, gaining unique expertise in operating fully virtual programs.

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