Nine-year Mercy Corps program closing ceremony

Mercy Corps held its closing ceremony for the Building Leadership Skills and Community Development Program on Tuesday in the Dea Sea. (Photo: Dana Alzyadat/ Jordan News)
AMMAN — The closing ceremony of Mercy Corps’ program Building Leadership Skills and Community Development, was held Tuesday at the Dead Sea. The program was funded by the UK government.اضافة اعلان

The ceremony was attended by the British Ambassador to Jordan, Bridget Brind, the director of Mercy Corps – Jordan Office – Kari Diener, and the general secretaries of the ministries of youth and education.

The closing ceremony included a presentation of the achievements of the project, which spanned nine years (2013-2021), during which the project worked to mitigate the effects of the Syrian crisis on host communities and reduce the current and emerging tensions and pressures within local communities.

This was accomplished by working to coordinate efforts and build capacities among community members in the fields of leadership and management of community projects. It also built capacities among civil society institutions, government institutions, and municipalities in order to provide better services within their communities.

Ambassador Brind, praised the joint cooperation between civil society institutions and government ministries, which extended during the years of the project, and contributed to achieving many successes that served civil society. In addition, the ambassador noted the importance of building partnerships with the local community, the private sector, and ministries.

The secretary general of the Ministry of Education, Najwa Qubeilat, mentioned the successes achieved by the project, which had a real role in averting conflicts in the host communities as a result of the Syrian refuge crisis and pressure on resources.

Other project achievements mentioned included maintenance work for classrooms, infrastructure works, and construction of playgrounds and theaters.

Qubeilat said that the educational process should be in an environment that stimulates learning, something the UK Embassy and Mercy Corps have supported, as providing such facilities would improve both the environment and educational outcomes.

The secretary general of the Ministry of Youth, Hussein Aljbour, said: “We have made partnerships with all parties to attract and empower young people, based on the vision of the Ministry of Youth through the work of three groups distributed in different regions of the Kingdom to empower young people in the communities.”

Diener said that the success of the project was linked to the continuous cooperation with local institutions, community leaders, and youth in their areas.

It is noteworthy that the project continued to expand during the nine years to cover all governorates of the Kingdom, and served several age groups.
Mentioning the achievements of the project highlighted the establishment of the community cohesion network for conflict resolution, community initiatives, campaigns, and other achievements that provided a lot to local communities and had a clear impact on the development and growth of communities.

In conclusion, the representatives of both ministries were honored in appreciation of their efforts and cooperation in the success of the project.