Jordan ranks ninth among Arab countries in AI Readiness Index

(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Government AI Readiness Index 2021 ranked Jordan in ninth place among Arab countries, and 80th among 160 countries, with a score of 44.38 points, according to Al-Rai news.اضافة اعلان

The index, issued by British Oxford Insights, assesses the countries based on three significant pillars and 10 dimensions, including government, digital capacity, innovation capacity, human capital, infrastructure, and data availability, building on 42 indicators to measure the willingness of governments to apply artificial intelligence in the provision of public services to their citizens.

Jordan scored its highest, 56.56, in areas of data and infrastructure, in terms of data availability and infrastructure security for the operation of artificial intelligence tools, and a relatively lower score of 38.31 in the technology sector and supporting innovation in a business environment. It also scored lower in regard to the strategic vision to develop artificial intelligence and adaptability. 

The index pointed out the backlash of the pandemic, both regionally and worldwide, during last year, particularly the changes that took place in education, where several countries in the region developed e-learning platforms, such as “Darsak” in Jordan, and shows that such initiatives reflect the broader commitment of government to digitize their services.

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