‘Foreign hacker’ defrauds Jordanian company of $200,000

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AMMAN — A Jordanian export and import company fell victim to a $200,000 fraud by a “foreign hacker”, Al-Ghad News reported on Tuesday.

The company filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Unit indicating that it had agreed with a foreign company to purchase various devices and equipment worth $200,000.اضافة اعلان

In the complaint the company said that communication took place between the two companies via electronic correspondence, and when the Jordanian company was asked to deposit the funds it transferred the money to the account number that was provided. But not before it found that a hacker had succeeded in penetrating the Jordanian company’s email, impersonated the foreign company and provided a bank account number that was different from the originally provided, claiming that the company’s official account had technical problems,” according to Al-Ghad.

The Director of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Maj. Mahmoud Al-Maghaira, said that “the investigation is underway in preparation for communicating with the country in which the hacker resides for the purpose of prosecuting them and recovering the amount.”

But Maghaira added that “it is difficult to determine the identity of those behind crimes of electronic financial fraud if the crime is committed outside the borders of the Kingdom.” He added that “the role of the cybercrime unit is to determine the country in which the hacker resides, and then make official contacts with that country for the purposes of identifying and prosecuting them.”

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