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July 4 2022 8:41 AM ˚
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Fekra brings families together through educational products

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(Photos: Handouts from Lujain Qawasmi)
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AMMAN — In 2020, architect Lujain Qawasmi and graphic designer Lujain Amro launched Fekra Productions with the aim to bring people together. Putting to use their experience in education, they centered the project on educational products — games, namely — that are both “entertaining” and “strengthen familial relationships”.  اضافة اعلان

“In August 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, everyone was locked inside their houses,” Qawasmi told Jordan News in a recent interview. “At the time, many of us were bored and surrounded by negative energy. So, we decided to create a product that would help people (cope).”

(Photos: Handouts from Lujain Qawasmi)

While Fekra’s main goal is to spread knowledge among the younger generation, the company also hopes to spotlight Arabic content and boost the local industry. Other goals include breaking the stereotype that “education is boring” and establishing an environment where learning is entertaining.

The company’s patented Darb game is their first and most popular product. For this game, the maximum number of players is four and the minimum is two. The mission of the player is to build a path to reach “the other side”. To do so, players must correctly answer the questions presented by the game.

According to Qawasmi, the first version of the Darb game is sold out. In this version, there are four categories of questions — Faheem, Adeeb, Imam, and Lamah. Faheem questions are scientific, Adeeb questions test general knowledge, Imam questions are centered on Islam, and Lamah questions are riddle-like. While answering these questions, the players  “enrich their knowledge”, hone “their critical thinking”, and are prompted to strategize.

“Darb game is suitable for children ages ten and above,” said Qawasmi. “The game has three levels that depend on your age. Children can play it in level one, while the more advanced levels lead to different thinking strategies that make (the game) harder. If the whole family played this game, they would definitely benefit from it and have a fun time.”

Qawasmi stated that for the second version of Darb game, the founders are planning to create a phone application that contains updatable e-questions.

“Also, the cards are written in Arabic and English to improve the children’s language skills,” she said. “The invention of the game is based on what the children and the families need. We look for ways to develop the ideas and expand them to create a product that is suitable for our culture.”

One of the challenges that Fekra Production faced during the COVID pandemic was a “bad financial situation,” as the pandemic made some people lose interest in purchasing physical games.
However, according to Qawasmi, “The overall reaction toward the game was positive. The majority of clients told us that the game brought their family members together, and they were happy that the game is Jordanian-made and invented by Jordanian women.”

In the future, Qawasmi and Amro are planning to expand their export line to reach Arab communities in Western countries and produce more games with similar goals.

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