Despite high power load, no major outages reported — NEPCO

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Despite Jordan recording its highest electric load this summer, no major power outages have been reported, according to the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO).اضافة اعلان

NEPCO said the highest electric load recorded during the recent heat was 3,850 Megawatts (MW), while the highest load ever of 4,010MW was registered last January.

NEPCO’s Director Amjad Al-Rawashdeh said despite the high load, Jordan “did not witness any major power outages.” He noted, however, that there were some “minor power cuts” due to the heat wave that affected the Kingdom last week.

NEPCO said the load reached 3,630MW on Saturday night, compared to 3,610MW hours earlier that day, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

NEPCO expected the recent heat wave to push the load 11 percent higher than last year’s peak of 3,330MW.

According to company data, the amount of energy generated from traditional sources inched down by 0.6 percent from 4,000MW in 2020 to 3,977MW in 2021.

In contrast, the share of renewables increased from 1,424MW in 2020 to 1,579MW in 2021, an increase of 10.9 percent.

NEPCO also confirmed that the power grid did not experience any serious malfunction during the heat wave, but only minor power outages detected in distribution networks.

NEPCO had expected that the electrical system load during the peak of the heat wave would rise by 5 percent of the highest load recorded since the beginning of this summer, and by 11 percent from the highest level recorded in the summer of last year, which amounted to 3330MW.

NEPCO had raised its readiness to deal with the heat wave, stressing that the electrical system in the Kingdom is characterized by its high reliability compared to those in developed countries, and that the company, and within specific plans, raises its readiness to face the electrical loads during the heat wave.

During the heat wave NEPCO implemented the appropriate operational plans, and monitored the generation plants and their readiness to work with the expected demand for electrical energy during the current heat wave.

According to NEPCO’s data, the conventional energy generating capacity decreased by 0.6 percent from 4,000MW in 2020 to 3,977MW in 2021. Renewable energy capacity increased by 10.9 percent from 1,424MW in 2020 to 1579MW in 2021.

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