Clearance, transport companies deescalate after talks with Aqaba authorities

2. Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) copy
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Officials in Aqaba Governorate have met with the Owners of Clearance and Transport Companies Association and promised solutions to long-running backups at the port, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

Association President Dhaifallah Abu Aqoulah recently met with the Aqaba Company for Ports Operation and Management, and said that the authorities “promised that there will be rapid solutions to do away with paperwork and digitize documents, which will facilitate and speed up the clearance process.”

Traders have been complaining about delays at Yard Number 4 for several months. Abu Aqoula told Jordan News last November that the traders would take “escalatory measures” if their complaints were not addressed.

The trading association’s committee members also met with Col. Ahmad Al-Akalik, director of the Aqaba Customs Directorate, and discussed “all the challenges that the clearance and transport sector faces,” according to Akalik.

The colonel affirmed that there is an effort towards “increasing the inspectors assigned to the customs department and reducing the number of inspectors, in addition to ending inspections of goods destined for other customs centers, which should speed up the process of transferring and clearing goods.”

The new measures decided on during the meeting include sorting containers entering the customs center, dedicating ramps to each lane, and taking samples of goods by type. New logistics companies will also be brought in to speed up the process of unloading goods in the yards.

Akalik promised that the inspection rate will be reduced to 5 percent, and that the National Platform for Transactions will be implemented so that merchants do not have to deal with various offices.

Abu Aqoulah affirmed that the authorities’ response “will speed up the clearance process and prevent backups, especially as we are close to the beginning of Ramadan, which means an increase in demand for goods.”

“The association will work to follow up on these demands with the competent authorities in the Aqaba Regional Authority, and confirm whether the root causes of backups are solved,” he concluded.

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