Customs inspections delay goods clearance — transport association

4. Clearance
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AMMAN — Goods are being delayed at border crossings as customs inspection procedures take their toll on delivery schedules and costs mount, President of the Owners of Clearance and Transport Companies Association Dhaifallah Abu Aqoulah told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Abu Aqoulah and association officials met Wednesday with Jordan Customs and National Trade Window officials, the latter of which aims to facilitate trade and reduce the cost and time of releasing goods.

Problems and obstacles facing the clearance and goods transport sector were raised, especially clearance procedures at border crossings, in particular at the Aqaba Customs Yard 4 at the Port of Aqaba.

Abu Aqoulah said the association received many complaints due to delays at customs attributed to frequent goods inspections, which can sometimes delay trucks by up to four hours.

He demanded that goods be inspected at customs centers closer to the end destination rather than at crossing points.

Jordan News spoke to Waseem Al-Mahdi, one of the traders facing difficulties transporting goods to and from Jordan. In correspondence with the National Trade Window, it can take up to 24 hour for them to respond, he complained, which Abu Aqoulah attributed to staff working from home.

Furthermore, Yard 4 at the port only has “100 workers”, which the association head said was insufficient. Bringing on additional inspectors alone will not solve the problem, he said; working hours must be extended, too.

He said that the director-general of Customs, Maj. Gen. Jalal Al-Qudah, promised to meet in Aqaba next week with all parties concerned to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Abu Aqoulah said that the association will take a number of escalatory measures in the event their demands are not dealt with seriously and immediately.

Despite attempts by Jordan News to contact Jordan Customs, they were not available for comment.

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