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Al-Ameed: Ground coffee with strong grounds

(Photo: Al-Ameed coffee)
AMMAN — Coffee is a “resilient commodity,” the Daher family believes, which is why they chose to create a brand that embodies this resilience, and serves the best quality of coffee, a commodity that Jordanians love.اضافة اعلان

Al-Ameed coffee has come a long way since its establishment in 1973 in Kuwait, when it was first founded by Adel Daher as a small shop devoted solely to the production of high-quality coffee. The business was re-established in Jordan in 1995.

While it was customary to sell spices, chocolates and candy in one shop, Al-Ameed Coffee had a different idea, offering its coffee-loving customers a single blend of any high-quality coffee, and devote all of its attention to one product, producing it in the best possible way.

“The business we offer today is one of the largest — if not the largest — coffee facility in the Middle-East based in Qastal in Jordan,” Basel Daher, managing partner at Al-Ameed Coffee Co., told Jordan News in an interview on Saturday.

“Through this facility, we sell coffee to our 23 locations across the kingdom, and export our products to 31 markets around the world from our manufacturing facility in Jordan.” 

According to Daher, the family business did face some challenges along the way to success, such as establishing reputation and equity in a market that still did not recognize the brand. 

Another challenge was introducing consumers to high-quality coffee products, as costly or premium coffee were not very common in Jordan at the time, and the majority of consumers bought generic coffee from supermarkets, similar to spices that were sold without a brand name.

“Finding adopters of the idea was not easy, and it took time, but the best thing about it is that it was slow and steady and followed a certain strategy,” Daher said. 

“My father believed that growing the business gradually and allowing it to take time naturally to increase the credibility and equity is the best direction to grow the business. With the passing of time, the quality of the product itself is what garnered the popularity for the brand.”

As the company expanded, the family’s goal was to procure the largest quantities of coffee raw materials in Jordan that met quality requirements, and they eventually moved to industrial-scale production. 

According to Daher, the company has implemented procedures to ensure that customer support and experience are both “regulated and secure,” regardless of who buys the product, whether it’s from a “small store in Madaba or a new big branch in Zarqa.” 

Additionally, the company has authorized distributors in 31 countries around the world. 

“The way we have marketed our product is through actually selling real quality coffee,” Daher told Jordan News. “Even after expanding to the global market, we followed the same [marketing] strategy, of offering a taste of the product. We are true believers that its quality is unique enough to get the sales.”

The family also wants to embody the philosophy of “conscious capitalism,” so instead of focusing solely on profit and margins, they want to play a role in Jordan’s ecosystem and beyond.

“We try to do a lot of community initiatives, such as school renovations, supporting education infrastructure in Jordan and so on,” he said.

“We also truly believe that employees, all 500 Jordanian employees in the manufacturing arm, should live a comfortable, healthy and education-filled life,” Daher said, noting that the company offers all its employees who have completed 3 years or more at the company tuition for their children’s university education if they achieve a 70-percent or higher score in their General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi).

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