Agricultural material traders demand reopening of Europe export route

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(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Agricultural materials traders are demanding the government to reopen the export route to Europe through the Syrian and Turkish borders. The aim is to mitigate the significant losses suffered by the agricultural sector. اضافة اعلان

The traders argued that the suspension of exports outside the Kingdom has led farmers to sell their products in the central market at prices below the cost, resulting in a 30–50 percent loss, according to Jo24.

Decreased prices of production inputs compound farmers' woes
According to the head of the Agricultural Materials Traders and Producers Association Loay Baybars, the prices of fertilizers, pesticides, and other production inputs have significantly decreased by 20–60 percent, depending on the product.

These prices have now started to return to pre-2019 levels. The declining prices of essential inputs are further adding to the losses experienced by farmers.

Baybars highlighted that the agricultural sector is currently facing a labor shortage, with both local and foreign workers becoming increasingly expensive. The rising costs of labor have become an additional burden on farmers, exacerbating their financial challenges.

Declining Gulf markets leave export route to Europe as sole option
The export to Gulf markets has almost come to a halt and is declining annually due to these countries achieving self-sufficiency in agriculture.

As a result, reopening the borders with Syria and ensuring secure borders with Turkey remains the only option for agricultural traders, said Baybars.

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