eFAWATEERcom transactions surge to 10.4M with a value of JD2.2B

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Sunday, Jordan's digital payment landscape witnessed a remarkable surge in transactions facilitated through the eFAWATEERcom application, authorized by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ), according to recent data released by the Jordan Payments & Clearing Company (JoPACC).اضافة اعلان

During January and February of the previous year, the eFAWATEERcom application processed a staggering 10.4 million transactions, amounting to a total value of JD2.2 billion, underscoring the growing preference for digital payment solutions in the country, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Breaking down the figures, February saw transactions worth JD1.016 billion, a slight decline from January's JD1.147 billion, marking an 11.4 percent decrease. The average transaction value stood at JD197.

While the number of executed transactions marginally dipped to 5.16 million in February compared to 5.26 million in January, representing a 1.8 percent decline, the application remained a pivotal platform for various payment needs.

Government services emerged as the frontrunner in transaction volume through eFAWATEERcom, with transactions worth JD620 million. This was followed by services provided by governorates and payment service providers, totaling approximately JD158 million. Education, water, and electricity services accounted for JD74 million and JD59 million, respectively.

The application witnessed a surge in new users, with 42,000 registrations by the end of December, representing 1 percent of the total user base, which stood at approximately 4.19 million users. Billers also increased to 528, offering a diverse range of 1,757 services.

Regarding sector-wise transaction distribution, the telecommunications sector led approximately 1.715 million transactions, followed closely by water and electricity services with an average of 1.389 million transactions. Government payment services, companies in governorates, and payment service providers accounted for around 991,000 and 457,000 transactions, respectively.

The financial services sector recorded 255,000 transactions, education services with 182,000 transactions, and unions and organizations with 39,000 transactions. Meanwhile, the commerce and services sector, gas and energy services, and travel and transportation services totaled 23,000, 22,000, and 22,000 transactions, respectively.

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