White List engineers complain of alleged ‘official’ interference in elections

1. White List Engineers
An undated photo of the headquarters of the Jordan Engineers Association. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Unified Association List/Alliance of the White List and Independents has withdrawn from Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) elections because of “outside interference,” the list announced at a Tuesday press conference, Jo24 reported.اضافة اعلان

Hassan Hawamdeh, head of the Unified Association List, read out on a statement behalf of the list members. He declared that the decision to withdraw was a protest against “unprecedented” scenes of “external interference” in the elections, led and directed by an “official body.”

"Several months ago, we noticed official interest in our elections, as information was requested about candidates and the formation of lists, and there were pressures on a large number of activists not to join our list,” Hawamdeh said.

"Government bodies moved to pay past dues for a large number of engineers [so they can vote] as part of a campaign to direct engineers to elect a specific list,” he added, claiming that the total amount paid was more than JD2.5 million.

Hawamdeh pointed to worse scenes on election day, where “external interference was accompanied by mismanagement and bad organization, and some parties, tribal groupings and municipal mechanisms sided with a specific list."

He referred to scenes where engineers who voted for a specific list took photos of their ballots and membership cards, and sent them to an unnamed party.

A former member of the association’s council, Sari Zuaiter, said that that the White List was not afraid of losing, and it accepted the loss of the majority of the council seats in the 2018 elections, working seriously with the rest of council members for three years afterwards.

He stated that the unified list is a democratic body that wants the association to be strong, to serve the Jordanian engineer, and to defend his right to select the best representatives.

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