Weather conditions are causing power outages in some areas

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Director-General of the Jordan electric power company, Hassan Abdullah, said on Thursday, “During the last air depression, the company treated more than 400 faults in its jurisdiction after eight o’clock in the evening of Wednesday.”اضافة اعلان

He added to “Al-Mamlaka TV” that “the company’s responsibility is to deliver electricity in the central governorates,” as the company launched an “emergency plan that employs more than two thousand technicians and engineers working with 400 mechanisms.”

“There were interruptions due to the accumulation of snow on electrical wires that led to their interruption,” according to Abdullah, calling on citizens not to approach the cables that fall during the depression and to contact the company to fix the faults as soon as possible.

He pointed out, “It is difficult to reach electrical faults due to road closures due to the accumulation of snow.”

The Jordan electric power company announced an emergency plan to face the conditions associated with the depression affecting Jordan.

The company said that its engineering and technical cadres, equipped with modern pieces of equipment, will join the operating rooms scattered in the capital Amman, Zarqa, Madaba and Salt to work around the clock in order to address any malfunctions or damages that may occur to the electrical network as a result of the weather conditions to maintain the electrical current delivery to the subscribers’ properties.

The company called on the company to report any malfunctions or observations by phone through its call centers on the following numbers: Amman (06-4696000) / Zarqa (05-3758000) / Madaba (05-3294141) and Salt (05-3493030).

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