Waqf Thareed has delivered over 600,000 nutritious meals to Gaza

Waqf Thareed foundation
(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN – On Sunday, Khaberni reported that the Waqf Thareed charitable foundation has provided over 600,000 ready-to-eat, long-lasting food meals in support of relief efforts for the Gaza Strip as part of its initiative called “Gaza 1.”اضافة اعلان

In collaboration with the Jordanian Armed Forces - Arab Army (JAF), the foundation delivered 10,000 meals daily for a duration of 100 days to the affected region.

Waqf Thareed is a Jordanian charitable organization established to combat hunger and address nutritional deficiencies. Through multiple distribution centers, it ensures the provision of balanced and healthy daily meals.

The central site adjacent to the Grand Husseini Mosque in downtown Amman serves as a hub for distribution, including a central kitchen and storage facilities. To date, Waqf Thareed’s menu includes 13 well-known Jordanian and Arab dishes.

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