Unemployment among pharmacists in Jordan reaches 30%

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AMMAN — Head of Jordan Pharmacists Association (JPA), Mohammad Ababneh, said Saturday, that pharmacy majors are considered idle, according to the Civil Service Bureau’s classification, Khaberni News reported.اضافة اعلان

In a press statement, Ababneh said that the number of applicants to the Civil Service Bureau in the field of pharmacy exceeds by far the number of current or future vacancies in all governorates of the Kingdom.

Currently, there are over 17,000 students in faculties of pharmacists; the number of graduates of pharmaceutical studies significantly exceeds the numbers of jobs available in the private sector, he reiterated.

According to Ababneh, around 4,000 students and doctor in pharmacy studies graduate annually from universities, and about a quarter of this number, at most, find jobs in Jordan.

He pointed out that the percentage of unemployment among pharmacists has reached 30 percent, a rate that is unprecedented and that is steadily increasing annually.

JPA has around 30,000 members, and the number continues to increase each year.

Twenty colleges teach pharmacy majors and doctor in pharmacy majors in public and private Jordanian universities; to that should be added non-Jordanian universities from which Jordanian students graduate, as well as community colleges that teach pharmacist assistants.

Ababneh said that employment opportunities in these disciplines outside the Kingdom are very limited, especially when many countries following the policy of localizing such disciplines by restricting work in these fields to those who possess the nationality of the country.

He congratulated the students who passed the 2022 General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi), but invited them and their parents to be aware of the reality of the pharmaceutical labor market before choosing to study any of the pharmaceutical disciplines.

The pharmacists association board has recently succeeded in securing jobs for 44 Jordanian pharmacists in Qatar; they have been unemployed for long periods and have varying practical experience.

Ababneh added that the board will on Monday be signing two employment agreements with the Ministry of Labor, with the aim of creating job opportunities for pharmacists in Jordan and abroad.

He said that the Ministry of Labor currently works on covering a portion of the salary of employed pharmacists from the ministry’s foreign grants, adding that any entity that employs a pharmacist is covered by social security, while the labor ministry disburses JD150 to the employee and the pharmacy pays his or her full wage.

He said that the association is constantly working with the Ministry of Labor for the purpose of securing jobs for unemployed pharmacists, in Germany, adding that every pharmacist who passes the language test will be sent to this European country, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor.

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