US and Jordan launch ‘RAWABIT’ education network

US and Jordan launch ‘RAWABIT’ education network (1)
(Photos: US Embassy in Amman)
AMMAN US Ambassador to Jordan Henry T. Wooster, together with representatives from US and Jordanian universities, officially inaugurated the "RAWABIT" Binational Higher Education Cooperation Network project. اضافة اعلان

In a statement by the US Embassy in Amman, the RAWABIT project, meaning "Connections" in Arabic, aims to foster collaboration and information-sharing among Jordanian and US universities, vocational and technical schools, and professional training academies. The project seeks to enhance institutional capacity and promote university-industry partnerships.

To diversify higher educationIn an inaugural ceremony on Monday, hosted by Al-Hussein Technical University, Wooster emphasized the significance of expanding and diversifying higher education partnerships between both countries.

He expressed appreciation for the collaborative efforts and progressive vision demonstrated by the RAWABIT project. He said "The universities and educational institutions represented in this room today, and those that will inevitably join us in the future, are brought together by a common cause, to help build up the next generation of Jordanians to deliver prosperity to their country, and I want you to know that the United States—both its government and academia—stand with you."

Funded by the US State Department and implemented by the Jordanian-American Commission for Educational Exchange, the RAWABIT project aims to establish an open and transparent environment for information exchange and collegiality among institutions of higher education. It encourages collaboration among administrators, faculty, staff, and researchers from both countries and promotes increased mobility.

The project aims to bridge the education-to-employment gap and improve economic outcomes for all Jordanians.