Trade unions demand extension of defense orders

(Photo: GFJTU Facebook)
AMMAN — Head of the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions (GFJTU) Mazen Al-Maaytah said that defense orders and prime minister’s communiqués issued under the Defense Law contributed to securing social protection for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and safeguarded jobs for workers in various economic establishments, Khaberni reported Saturday.اضافة اعلان

Maaytah added that the national economy is recovering from the negative repercussions on labor sectors, but voiced concerns about violations of labor rights, if the orders issued under the Defense Law are cancelled.

“We fear that some economic establishments will take advantage of the recovery and restructure or lay off workers through arbitrary dismissals, which will worsen the unemployment rate,” he said, noting that the GFJTU does not mind seeing defense orders persist, especially those that protect jobs.

The head of the General Trade Union for Public Services, Free Vocations, Communications and Information Technology, Khaled Abu Marjoub, said that defense orders and communiqués issued under the Defense Law provided the necessary legal tools that protected workers from termination of services and job loss.

They also helped employers pay wages through programs launched by the Social Security Corporation (SSC), he added.
We fear that some economic establishments will take advantage of the recovery. ...
Marjoub added that violations of labor rights continue in sectors affiliated with his union, despite the defense orders, noting that cases of labor violations may increase if defense orders are suspended, seriously damaging workers’ rights.

He said that suspending defense orders under the difficult economic conditions, erosion of wages, high unemployment rates, and inflation will have negative results and may result in job losses, and urged the continuation of the Defense Law and the orders and communiques issued under it, to protect workers.

Defense Law No. 13 of 1992, which the government activated during the pandemic, was implemented in its narrowest scope, without prejudice to private property, while providing tools for the government to protect workers, preserve their sources of livelihood, and help them weather the negative effects of the epidemic.

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