Third of political parties dissatisfied with Local Administration Law

(Photo: Rased Facebook)
AMMAN — Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development (Rased) carried out a study on Jordanian parties’ satisfaction with the Local Administration Law of 2021, and found that 11.1 percent of the parties were highly satisfied, 53.7 percent were moderately satisfied, 3.7 percent were weakly satisfied, and 31.5 percent were not satisfied at all. اضافة اعلان

The study targeted all 55 political parties licensed and registered at the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs.

Secretary-General of Al-Hayat Jordanian Party Abdul Fattah Al-Kilani said: “I think that the percentage exceeds 31.5 percent, and we, as a party, have expressed our position of urgency in approving the law without taking into account the outputs of the Royal Committee [to Modernize the Political System].”

Secretary-General of the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party, Saeed Thyab, said that “the election law, the climate in which elections are held and the decline in public liberties through the arrest of activists has created a state of dissatisfaction among the parties”.

Thyab indicated that the “any observer of various components of society will see that rejection and dissatisfaction is the current state of affairs”.

The media spokesman for the Islamic Action Front Party said that the party had suspended its participation in elections, and that the election law is one of the reasons.

He also said that there is an encroachment on civil life, the general political situation, and tampering with the popular will, which will affect civil society institutions. 

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