Syria denies banning Jordanian products, minister of trade was mistaken

jaber border trucks
Jaber Border Crossing. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Syrian media quoted official sources in confirming that the statements made by the minister of industry, trade, supply, and labor, Yousef Shamali, regarding Syria's ban on importing Jordanian products, are not accurate.اضافة اعلان

They stated that there is a list issued by the Syrian Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, which includes items prohibited from being imported from all countries worldwide, not just Jordan. This is due to the difficult circumstances the country is going through, and thus, the entry of these goods is prohibited, regardless of their source.

The sources indicated that Jordanian-origin goods, not included in the previously mentioned list of prohibitions, enjoy the benefits of exemption from customs duties under the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement. Therefore, there are no obstacles to the entry of Jordanian goods allowed for import into Syria.

Regarding the number of refrigerated trucks and vehicles leaving Syria through the Nasib border crossing, the source confirmed that around 100 refrigerated trucks and vehicles arrive daily, with almost half of them destined for the Jordanian market, and the other half exported to Gulf countries. Most of these trucks are loaded with vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, imports from Jordan usually consist of fertilizers, pesticides, and some raw materials used in the plastic industry that are permitted to be imported.

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