‘Strikes have not affected Aqaba Port’

The Aqaba Container Port. (Photo: Flickr)


AMMAN — Managing executive director of Aqaba Container Port Khalil Abu Al-Hawa said that the movement of ships in the Aqaba container port is progressing normally and according to schedule. He said that there are no disruptions or delays due to the transport strike, Ammon News reported.

اضافة اعلان


He said that freight vessels are arriving at the container port and their cargo is being unloaded and transported to the storage yards, adding that there is enough space to accommodate the incoming goods. He said there are contingencies to deal with the goods in the event the strike continues.


Abu Al-Hawa also said that because of the strike, which started on December 4, goods have been slow in leaving the port.


Warehousing goods at the port is free of charge for the first six days of storage, he added.


Aqaba Ports Management and Operation Company General Manager Abdul Majid Al-Qarala said the port is prioritizing the offloading of livestock first, which is dependent on the availability of cargo trucks.


The rest of the goods, he said, will be stored in the port warehouses until the strike ends.


Qarala stressed that the movement of shipping vessels is not disrupted in the port; vessels arriving at the port unload their cargo and leave.


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