Public prosecutor indicts main culprit in corrupted rice case

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Public Prosecutor indicted the main accused in the corrupted rice case, who serves as the general manager of the company involved in the case. اضافة اعلان

The Public Prosecutor charged him and the other defendants in the case with four crimes: trading unsafe food for human consumption, trading food unfit for human consumption, trading expired food, and falsely describing food by having data cards containing words, phrases, and information that are not clear, readable, or understandable, Khaberni News reported.

Details of the case
Hassan Al-Abdallat, the Attorney General, stated that on September 17th, that the case documents were transferred from the Public Food and Drug Corporation. The Public Prosecutor conducted investigations, including hearing witnesses, experts, and inspectors

Based on the investigation results and the evidence collected, the Public Prosecutor assigned the four crimes to the individuals responsible for this offense, contrary to the provisions of Articles 18 and 23 of the Food and Drug Law.

After days of continuous work, the Public Prosecutor's Office, with its teams, obtained evidence and information indicating a violation of the law and the commission of several crimes in this case. According to Jordanian law, if the accused are proven to have committed these crimes, the punishment can reach up to three years.

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