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ARIES: You may be feeling tempted to spend more money than you have in your account. Now is the time to focus on being more sensible. A loved one can offer a safe space if family misunderstandings cause some turbulence.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may sometimes go overboard with your generosity, but loved ones appreciate the life raft when they might be adrift. Donate your time or hand-me-downs to a community project or help around your neighborhood.

GEMINI: You might be particularly astute and able to recognize the strategies that other people may use to get their own way. This can allow you to keep acquaintances at a respectable distance and get to know them better.

CANCER: You could be feeling tempted by the urge to make extravagant purchases. A relationship may not be everything you imagined it would be. You might want to spoil yourself with little luxuries to make up for it.

LEO: Weigh all the options before you make a decision. It can be beneficial to understand the difference between a loyal friend with your best interests at heart and someone with casual assurances and a hidden agenda.

VIRGO: Your thoughts could be focused on getting ahead right now. If you wait a little while you can make successful changes and release some of the pressure to keep up with your friends in the material world.

LIBRA: Too much of a good thing can sometimes become tiresome. A joke or story may have made someone laugh hard once, but you do not need to keep repeating it. Take time to gather some more information before making a decision.

SCORPIO: Astute thinking can allow you to discover more practical solutions to make your job easier. Use your common sense when it comes to games of chance or risky big investments, there are still bills to be paid.

SAGITTARIUS: Do not throw away your test pieces or prep work, they could be helpful later. You may not need half of what you put together, but you can recycle what you do not use now. A partner might appreciate a practical approach.

CAPRICORN: You may be distracted by someone’s unrealistic ideas or by their refusal to cooperate. Keep going despite any interference. Persistence can get you where you need to go and help you complete your goals.

AQUARIUS: Your confidence can expand if you are engaged in group activities or have an audience to appreciate your leadership skills. If you compare your accomplishments to others, you might end up discouraged.

PISCES: Acting on frustrated desires can set you up for a fall. Remain lenient and open-minded when interacting with your family members. You may meet someone soon who might alter your current way of thinking.

IF SEPTEMBER 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Being logical, down to earth, and practical could be your claim to fame as the next three to four weeks unfold. Using your business sense and sound financial strategies can put you on the path to financial security and material success in the first half of October. Your energy levels should rise as October gives way to November, making this likely to be an appropriate time to start a physical fitness plan or start projects that need decisiveness. Romantic daydreams could make a vacation or relationship the center of your attention in early December. Your outlook may undergo a dramatic change in December, when you can be encouraged by new people and motivated by innovative ideas to spread your wings and rise above the ordinary. This may be time to make changes that free you from limitations.

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