Prices of 47 consumer goods rose last year

5. 47 Goods Prices
An undated photo of a vegetable market in Amman. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The National Society for Consumer Protection published the results of a comparative field study that was conducted on the changes in consumer goods prices from January 2021 to January 2022. The study covered the prices of 105 products. اضافة اعلان

The results of the study, which was supervised by head of the National Society for Consumer Protection Mohammed Obidat, showed a rise in the prices of 47 products from food to detergents by 17.8 percent and a drop in the prices of two products by 15.4 percent, which were seasonal vegetables, whereas prices of 56 products remained stable.

According to the results of the study, the prices of some vegetable varieties have risen dramatically, with cornflower registering the highest rise of 50 percent, cucumber 42.8 percent, potatoes 30 percent, and onions by 27 percent. The two variety of vegetables where prices had dropped were garlic by 14 percent, zucchini by 20 percent, and local lemon by 16.6 percent. Prices of eggplant, tomato and beans were stable.

For fruits, the price of local bananas had risen by 33.3 percent, which is considered a significant increase. The Ministry of Agriculture is considering allowing the import of bananas to from neighboring countries in order to create a price balance commensurate with citizens' purchasing power.

The price of manufactured dairy has also risen by between 4 percent and 7.6 percent, despite the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply not to raise the price of dairy products until specialized scientific studies have been carried out to determine the real cost of dairy.

Most of the food stuff considered essential to consumers has also risen on a daily basis. These goods included; eggs by 10 percent; Tahini by 6.8 percent; sugar by 25 percent; rice by 13.3 percent; pasta by 16.6 percent; local flour by 11 percent; and canned food such as beans and peas between 9 to 20 percent. Vegetable oils have also risen drastically between 20 to 30 percent and coffee by 14.5 percent.

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