NCPS urges boycott of overpriced goods during Ramadan

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The National Consumer Protection Society (NCPS) called on people in Jordan to boycott the purchase and consumption of overpriced goods during the holy month of Ramadan, according to a local media outlet.اضافة اعلان

The society said some traders are taking advantage of people’s needs, weak supervision, and the government's refusal to allow imports to cover shortages of certain goods, such as bananas and lemons, which have reached JD1.25 and JD1.5, respectively.

Hundreds of complaintsNCPS president, Mohammad Obaidat, said that since the beginning of Ramadan, "we have received hundreds of complaints from citizens in all governorates of the Kingdom.”

These complaints, he added, are about the consecutive increases in the prices of basic commodities, especially vegetables, chicken, and red meat, “due to some traders' exploitation, as well as the rush to purchase excessive quantities of these goods, which contributed to their price hike".

No measures takenObaidat added that the authorities have not taken any measures to alleviate the burden people carry, including the hikes in the prices of basic commodities as they have “become a heavy burden on the middle and lower class”.

This is due to their weak purchasing power resulting from difficult economic conditions caused by the consecutive price hikes of goods while salaries and wages have remained the same for several years, he said.

Obaidat further criticized statements made by some traders, claiming they are making efforts to provide all basic and non-basic goods to citizens at fair prices. However, he added, anyone following this issue knows that this is not true, and the price hikes “have become an endless series in the absence of official action”.

Rational and reasonable purchasing advisedObaidat urged housewives to rationalize their consumption and purchase reasonably, only buying the necessary requirements that the family needs.

He also advised them to choose appropriate times for purchasing and to pay close attention to the offers provided on some goods in terms of expiry date, validity, price, quantity, and size of these goods.

Rational and reasonable purchasing and boycotting the purchase of overpriced goods are the best way to defend their rights to live a decent life and to respond to monopolists who exploit their needs, he added.

Obaidat also appealed to heads of households in suburbs, villages, camps, and deserts, and anyone who owns an area that can be used to grow lemon trees, tomatoes, okra, beans, and leafy vegetables like lettuce, mint, parsley, and other trees that can contribute to reducing the household shopping bill.

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