Ministry of Culture launches ‘Cultural Tourist Trails’ project

Minister of Culture , Haifa Najjar
(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Culture launches its national project, "Cultural Tourist Trails in the Golden Triangle," under the sponsorship and care of Her Excellency, Minister of Culture, Haifa Najjar. اضافة اعلان

This project aims to establish new trails that highlight the culture and heritage of the Golden triangle region. The selected trails for the first phase are: the Al-Humeima - Al-Ajouz trail, the Wadi Sabra -Lawrence's Rock trail in Petra, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Square in Wadi Rum, and the Tutan -Wadi Al-Yatam trail leading to the southern beach in Aqaba.

These trails incorporate four essential components: natural and geological features, history, intangible human heritage of the local inhabitants, and the Hashemite legacy that is cherished. The trails aim to fulfill the requirements of enthusiasts and explorers by providing opportunities for solitude, contemplation, exploration, and knowledge acquisition, as well as fostering new hobbies during visits and expanding knowledge.

This project achieves synergy between the Ministry of Culture, the initiator of the project, and the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities, and the Environment, while also serving other ministries such as Sports and Youth, Social Development, Education, Religious Endowments, and the Islamic Sanctities. It presents a source of revenue for the Ministry of Finance through its employment opportunities.