Local conference shares what you need to know about allergies

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AMMAN — The eighth Jordanian International Conference on Allergy and Immunology, organized by the Association of Allergy and Immunology Physicians (AIP) in collaboration with international organizations, was inaugurated by Health Ministry Secretary-General Raed Al-Shboul on behalf of Health Minister Firas Al-Hawari. اضافة اعلان

The two-day conference was held at the Movenpick Hotel in cooperation with the European Society of Allergy and Immunology, American Academy of Allergy and Immunology, and the World Allergy Organization.

At the conference, Shboul emphasized the Ministry of Health's significant attention to the diagnosis, treatment, and implementation of medical programs for allergic and immunological diseases in Jordan.

Conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, hay fever, food allergies, seasonal allergies, and pollen allergies were among the focus areas.

Early detection and prevention measures 
The ministry has taken steps to implement mechanisms for early detection and diagnosis of these diseases, including clinical examinations and laboratory tests in the main and educational hospitals, he said.

Preventive programs and guidelines have been developed to mitigate the onset of allergic symptoms, with specialized clinics offering medical assistance. Severe allergies receive scheduled vaccinations to enhance immunity, especially for vulnerable children.

Moreover, awareness and counseling programs will target citizens and patients.

Shboul highlighted the association between allergic immune diseases and chronic ailments such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The interaction between immunogens and allergens is believed to lead to chronic infections within the body.

Hani Ababneh, head of AIP, expressed the association's objective to stay updated on scientific and medical advancements in immunity and allergy through the conference.

Additionally, he said, AIP aims to establish an electronic national database for allergenic substances and foods in Jordan. This database will monitor preservatives and sensitizing colors, with warning labels placed on relevant food and drink products.

With over 30 percent of the population affected by allergies, AIP looks forward to establishing a national center for allergy and immunology in Jordan, harmonizing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, training medical staff, and fostering experience exchange with other countries, he added.

Latest research on allergy, immunity, and COVID-19
Mutasim Al-Sweiti, head of the conference's scientific committee, revealed that the event would feature nine scientific sessions and 58 research papers from Jordanian, Arab, and foreign researchers.

 Topics to be discussed include the application of stem cells in allergy treatment and the intersection between allergy, immunity, and COVID-19. Moreover, a medical exhibition will be held concurrently, with the participation of local and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

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