Jordan’s weather during the next two days

(Photo: National Centers for Environmental Prediction)
AMMAN — Jordan will be affected by an air depression centered over Syria accompanied by an air mass of polar origin. It will be  very cold and cloudy with rain starting in the north and center, extending to the south and parts of the eastern regions. Rain showers are expected sometimes heavy accompanied by thunder, which may lead to the formation of floods in valleys and low-lying areas.اضافة اعلان

Snow showers are expected at intervals above mountainous highlands 1,000m above sea level, which may accumulate, especially over the northern and southern mountainous. Northwestern winds will prevail with occasional gusts.

The weather on Thursday will remain very cold in most areas and partly cloudy to cloudy, with a weak chance of light rain in the early morning hours in the western parts of the Kingdom, with a chance of snow falling over the high mountainous, especially the south.

By noon, the weather will stabilize gradually and clouds will decrease. Frost is expected in many areas at night. Winds will be northwesterly moderate and active at intervals.

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