Jordan’s commitment to bond payments and investment strategy

Social Security Investment Fund. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Dr. Ezzedian Kanakrieh, president of the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF), confirmed the Jordanian government’s commitment to regularly pay interest on bonds to the Investment Fund and repay the bonds when they mature.اضافة اعلان

Under the Public Debt Law, the Central Bank conducts auctions for Jordanian treasury bonds, involving banks, savings and investment funds, retirement funds, and insurance companies. The fund holds bonds until maturity, resulting in increased yields with rising interest rates. During Q2 2023, the fund generated JOD231 million in income from the bond portfolio, contributing to a total income of JOD447 million by the end of that quarter, Jo24 reported.

The fund's investment policy, approved by the General Social Security Corporation's Board of Directors based on the Investment Council's recommendations, outlines strategic asset allocation targets, investment types, percentage objectives, and durations for each investment instrument. This policy also sets desired returns and acceptable risk levels for each investment tool, Jo24 reported.

Diversification and asset distribution are central to the fund's investment strategy, aiming to reduce overall portfolio risks, preserve asset values, ensure steady returns, and mitigate fluctuations. Investments span various financial instruments and timeframes.

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