Jordan ranks 66th among 195 countries worldwide in Global Health Security Index

ambulance cars
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — Jordan was ranked third among Arab states and 66th internationally (195 countries included) in the 2021 Global Health Security index (GHS), excelling in immunization against preventable diseases, whether childhood infections or the highly contagious influenza. اضافة اعلان

The GHS Index assesses countries’ health security and capabilities across six categories and 37 indicators and measures health security in the context of other factors critical to combating outbreaks, such as political and security risks, the broader strength of the health system, and the country’s adherence to global standards.

GHS website states, “all countries remain dangerously unprepared for future epidemic and pandemic threats, including threats potentially more devastating than COVID-19.”

According to the GHS Index, Jordan is among the best countries in the sample transport system and has the ability to expand emergency transport and testing systems, which are critical elements in countries' ability to monitor and detect the outbreak of infectious diseases.

The index stated that Jordan had demonstrated a high capacity to identify, locate, isolate and treat people affected by infectious diseases. It also indicated Jordan’s strong capacity to develop and regularly update emergency plans to respond to public health issues.

Jordan has been able to develop an effective strategy to provide citizens with appropriate messages as a matter of urgency and to reduce rumors or misinformation, stated the report, listing the Kingdom’s high readiness in medical personnel, hospitals, and health centers.

The index was first launched in 2019.  It was developed by prestigious institutions in partnership with the Nuclear Threat Initiative ‘NTI’ and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Economist Impact.

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