JEA general assembly concedes vote results

1. JEA general assembly
Members at the Jordan Engineers Association’s extraordinary general assembly meeting on December 26, 2021. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) general assembly decided against the proposed amendments to the association’s law that were put to a vote in a referendum on Monday to end a dispute between members.  اضافة اعلان

The referendum was aimed at introducing changes to the proportional representation in the election of the central committee, the people’s councils, as well as the councils of the various governorates.
JEA member Malik Al-Amayreh said that Monday’s vote was overwhelmingly against the proposed amendments as presented by the association’s board, because the general assembly has a high percentage of members who believe in the democratic process and opted to let the ballot decide.

“I believe that the general assembly has taught a lesson to the association’s board and its president for these violations.  Some of these amendments were positive in the interest of the engineers, but they got lost with the other amendments,” said Amayreh.  He stressed the fact that any draft resolution must be presented for discussion and consultation before a wide range of blocks within the association, and not be passed without a vote.

Amayreh said that now that the issue is settled, JEA can move forward to address other key issues and challenges, like unemployment, investment, the current economic situation, and the pension fund.  

“I am optimistic about the future, and what happened on Monday, despite the tension that existed among the engineers, the vote took place safely and smoothly without violations, and this is an achievement, especially since nearly 9,000 engineers participated and accepted the outcome,” said Amayreh. 

JEA member Seri Zeieter said that the vote result is testimony to the right of the general assembly in voicing its opinion about the proposed amendments, describing the amendments as “distorted and fragmented.”

He praised the process as democratic, safeguarding the association from “bad judgments” and reflective of “the collective will of the voters.”  

The next step, according to Zeieter, is to start preparing for transparent elections under the existing law and without interference from any party.

A statement issued by the National Professional Unionist Stream “Nomu” said the block had worked hard to implement the amendments based on its campaign agenda, and on which it was elected “foremost of which is the modernization of the association’s law.”

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