Internet penetration in Jordan reaches 91% in 2023 - INTAJ

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Tuesday, the Market Research Unit of the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (INTAJ) released a report unveiling compelling insights into internet usage trends in Jordan for the year 2023.اضافة اعلان

According to the report, the percentage of internet users in Jordan has surged to 91 percent, marking a significant milestone in digital connectivity within the country. Notably, mobile devices emerge as the preferred means of accessing the internet, with 77 percent of users opting for mobile phones, compared to 22 percent who utilize laptops and other devices, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

The study further reveals that Google Chrome dominates the web browser landscape, capturing a sizable market share of 76 percent. Additionally, the adoption of the Android operating system has soared to 79 percent among internet users in Jordan.

In the realm of social media, approximately 6.4 million individuals in Jordan maintain accounts across various platforms, constituting 56 percent of the population. Facebook leads the pack with 5.3 million users, followed closely by YouTube with 6.4 million, Instagram with 3.7 million, TikTok with 1.7 million, and X with 1.1 million users. Snapchat also boasts a substantial user base of approximately 3.4 million.

The report sheds light on noteworthy trends among female internet users in Jordan. While LinkedIn sees comparatively lower adoption among women, with only 33 percent utilizing the platform, Snapchat emerges as a clear favorite, boasting a usage rate of 54 percent. Similarly, Instagram enjoys popularity among female users, with a usage rate of 50 percent.

Moreover, the report highlights the rising prominence of platform X among female users in Jordan, recording a notable usage rate of 37 percent.

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