INSSP in Jordan workshop concludes

INSSP in Jordan workshop concludes
Amman - The "Integrated Nuclear Security Sustainability Plan (INSSP) in Jordan" workshop concluded recently.
اضافة اعلان
Organized by the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the workshop aimed to review areas related to the INSSP by adopting a comprehensive approach to ensure the safe and secure use of radioactive and nuclear materials, facilitate the establishment of a national nuclear security system to address emerging challenges in the nuclear security field, including potential cyber threats, and contribute to collective efforts aimed at enhancing global security, EMRC President Ziad Saaideh said on Saturday.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted by all participants in the mission, which resulted in drawing a roadmap for nuclear security in Jordan within the framework of the existing cooperation between the EMRC, the IAEA and relevant authorities to continue applying the highest standards of nuclear security in Jordan in its comprehensive perspective and strengthening the physical protection system and radiological protection.

According to an EMRC statement on Saturday, Saaideh said that the executive plan proposal for the next three years was developed based on the priorities that were agreed upon by the participants during the workshop.

IAEA Nuclear Security Officer, Zainab Hassan said that the mission’s outcomes will enable Jordan to prepare and implement the necessary improvements to the nuclear security system and procedures, in particular with regard to the national policy and strategy, legislative and regulatory framework, threat and risk assessment, procedures to prevent, detect, and respond to unauthorized acts involving materials beyond regulatory control, and any assistance required to develop an effective and sustainable system for Jordanian nuclear security.

The workshop was attended by members of the National Nuclear Security Committee and a number of officials from the concerned authorities in the field of nuclear security and monitoring the use of nuclear and radiological energy.

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