Health minister urges 'flexible' global health systems

Minister of Health Firas Hawari
Health Minister Firas Al-Hawari. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN Health Minister Firas Al-Hawari urged adopting "open policies" for safer and flexible global health systems in a meeting at the COP28 summit in Dubai on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

According to the Jordan News Agency Petra, Hawari said that countering climate change requires concerted efforts among all sectors in any country, increasing financial and technical support for the health sector and bolstering awareness and training for health personnel on climate change and associated diseases.

For the first time, COP28 allocated a day to health to link health and climate and learn the extent of the impact of climate change on the global health sector and Jordan.

He added that Jordan has committed to global agreements and initiatives that aim to support resilient health systems in the face of climate change, noting Jordan's support for international efforts to combat the consequences of climate change.

He explained that the Jordanian health sector had announced that it is committed to developing plans and strategies to raise the health sector's resilience and enable it to adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

He added that the Health Ministry is developing a ten-year health adaptation strategy based on a strategic review in 2012, the implementation of which faced two main challenges: the influx of Syrian refugees and the pressure this placed on the health system and the COVID-19 pandemic during the past three years.

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