Gov’t has ‘no intention’ of abolishing lèse-majesté

Basman Palace King Abdullah
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of State for Legal Affairs Mahmoud Kharabsheh said on Sunday that the government has no intention of repealing or amending Article 195 of the Penal Code, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

“The article is consistent with the provisions of the Jordanian Constitution,” Kharabsheh said, adding that “a committee at the Ministry of Justice will on Sunday count all cases with peremptory judicial rulings related to lèse-majesté,” according to Al-Mamlakeh. Lèse-majesté is a French term meaning “to do wrong to majesty”.

“The special amnesty granted in cases of lèse-majesté drops the penalty, but the restriction remains,” Kharabsheh explained.

Article 195 of the Penal Code states that imprisonment from one to three years is the penalty for insulting the King, as is sending such a written or oral message or a picture or comic drawing to the King, or posting such messages.

Posting pictures or drawings in a way that would undermine the dignity of the King is also covered under lèse-majesté.

The article further stipulates that the same penalty shall apply if the accused incites another person to commit any such act or if he or she broadcasts the act and disseminates it among people, or if anyone falsely accuses His Majesty of an act or of saying or circulating such accusations among the people.

The same penalty applies to offenses committed against the Queen, the Crown Prince, or one of the regency council.

His Majesty King Abdullah directed the government on Saturday to study all cases related to lèse-majesté and to grant special pardons to those whose cases have been ruled as final.

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