Gov’t economic priorities: Achieves 79.3% completion rate

Performance Index Center KAFAA KAFA'A
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — In a report on Thursday, the Performance Index Center (KAFA'A) released both its semi-annual and final reports, evaluating the state's implementation of the Government’s Economic Action Priorities Program 2021-2023 after the designated timeframe for priority completion. The report disclosed the verification of 44 out of 58 priorities, achieving a completion rate and performance efficiency of 79.3 percent, falling short of the planned 100 percent completion rate by the end of December 2023.اضافة اعلان

Furthermore, the report highlighted a surge in implementation during the program's last six months, with the actual completion rate escalating by 22.4 percent, compared to 56.9 percent at the end of June of the same year. Despite this improvement, the program's classification remained critical, as per the center's categorization for program and project performance, Khaberni reported.

According to Engineer Moaz Al-Mubaidin, the CEO of the Center, the performance setbacks were primarily attributed to delays in several priorities. The most notable among them is the desalination and water transportation project - the National Transport Company, recognized as a top national priority, reaffirmed by His Majesty King Abdullah II in multiple meetings with the government. Additionally, the national railway project and the implementation of the intelligent transportation system have been rescheduled within the executive program of the economic modernization vision (EMV) 2023-2025.

Mubaidin emphasized the center's commitment to ongoing monitoring of government programs, and assessing their economic and social impact. Periodic reports addressing these aspects will continue to be issued by the center.

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