Furnished apartments at full occupancy in Aqaba

Aqaba Gulf
(Photo: Jordan News)

AQABA - Furnished apartments in Aqaba saw full occupancy last week due to the movement of tourists through the city and the number of Egyptian visitors transiting through the city on their way to jobs in Saudi Arabia, coming from the Port of Nuweiba.اضافة اعلان

The medical protocols in Saudi Arabia forces all visitors to quarantine for 14 days in a “green country” before entering its territory.

The increase in demand for these apartments is reflected in prices for their daily rent, which has gone up. This rise in demand and price has helped to compensate landlords for their losses they suffered during the pandemic-induced closures.

Ziad Yahya said that he searched for more than a week through social media pages for an apartment to rent for two days over the weekend, but he was unsuccessful as all apartments were fully booked by Egyptians heading to work in Saudi Arabia.

This comes at a time when rents for furnished apartments in Aqaba rose by 30 percent, especially after the Saudi authorities’ decision to quarantine visitors coming from specific countries like Egypt for 14 days.

Transit passenger movement through the port of Aqaba rose by 124 percent, as more than 80,000 Egyptian visitors arrived in the city Muhammad Al-Riyati, one of the landlords who owns furnished apartments, confirmed that he rents his apartments for JD35 per day, justifying this high rent by pointing to the fact that his units are spacious and fully furnished “with the best type of furniture”.

Others units in the city go for JD650 per month, depending on the kind of the furniture, which is still a large sum of money when compared to what prices were like before in the city.

Landlords are fitting their units with extra beds in order to accommodate the largest number of people possible per unit. The number of people sharing an apartment in some instances exceeds ten.

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