11 million USAID grant to fund ‘Farah 3’ water rehabilitation project in Maan

Maan water project
(Photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — An agreement to rehabilitate and upgrade water networks in Maan, dubbed “Farah 3” was signed by the Water Authority of Jordan on Thursday. The project valued at $11 million, will be funded through a grant from USAID.اضافة اعلان

Bashar Batayneh, the authority’s secretary general, signed agreement in the presence of the Minister of Water and the irrigation engineer, Muhammad Al-Najjar, according to Jordan News Agency, Petra.

Batayneh said that the ministry is focusing its efforts on modernizing and developing water networks in all regions of the Kingdom to reduce water loss and improve the level of service provided to people.

He said that the “Farah” projects are part of a larger package from USAID, values at $152 million, with the aim to modernize and rehabilitate water networks in several regions of the Kingdom, including the governorates of the South, Balqa and other regions. He added that the implementation period of all “Farah” projects is five years.

Batayneh said that the agreement includes preparing an assessment plan of the water situation in Maan, and implementing modern networks to serve the areas of Qasaba, Petra, Shobak, and neighboring areas

The agreement aims to help reduce water losses by installing automated systems like SCADA which stands for “supervisory control and data acquisition”. This system is essentially a distributed computer system that is used by operations and management for process monitoring and automation. This system will save the authority time and effort.

Batayneh said that the project includes replacing old water meters with smart ones, which will further contribute to reducing water loss in the networks, whether technical or administrative. The new systems will allow for rapid response to deal effectively with complaints and network breakdowns.

He praised the great support provided by the US through USAID to help the Kingdom in facing challenges in the water network.

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