Evidence indicates that ‘terrorist’ killed during raid is guilty — PSD

(File Photo: Jordan News)


AMMAN — Police on Monday reported that investigations and evidence indicate that the terrorist killed during a security raid in Maan on Monday was guilty of killing police officer Col. Abdul Razzaq Dalabeeh, according to a Public Security Directorate statement.

اضافة اعلان


PSD added that investigations revealed that during the night Dableeh was killed, the group of suspects had devised a plan to attack police officers deployed to deal with protests over fuel prices.


Two other officers were wounded after the suspects opened fire at them.


PSD added that the weapon confiscated during the raid, which suspects used to kill three officers, was similar to the weapon used to kill officer Dalabeeh.


It noted that the security personnel that carried out the raid this morning was “qualified and efficient” and able to neutralize the suspect in “complex circumstances”. The suspects were heavily armed and opened fire at the advancing security forces, PSD added.


PSD mourned the death of its staff during the raid and denounced false news that was spreading online.


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